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Kung-fu and Tai Chi training is a progressive experience in health, fitness and self-awareness resulting in a more positive, relaxed and confident individual. These ancient techniques offer sound information about the functions of the human body and how it may be naturally improved.


Size, gender and age are not limiting factors. Women do especially well with Northern styles because of its grace, flexibility and dance-like movements. Children benefit greatly from the discipline, coordination, concentration and self-confidence they develop.


Anyone 7 years-old and up may learn kung-fu, while anyone 16 years-old and up may learn Tai Chi. There are no contracts and no additional fees for evaluations/testing. We are New Orleans' only authentic, traditional Northern-style  kung-fu school.

Welcome to the Official Website of the Northern Shaolin/Praying Mantis Kung-Fu Association at and The Association offers certified, authentic and traditional instruction in the Northern Praying Mantis Kung-Fu System, as taught by Michael Dawson. This website features information about the Association, kung-fu and Tai Chi Chuan classes in New Orleans, LA - and more.
Traditional kung-fu in New Orleans, LA

Health & Fitness



Mind-Body Awareness

Stress Management


Traditional Tai Chi in New Orleans, LA
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