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Self-Defense classes in New Orleans, LA

A special class suitable for students of all fitness and skill levels focusing on practical, real world self-defense techniques and combat concepts taken directly from the Northern Shaolin/Praying Mantis Kung-Fu System.


While self-defense is an important, practiced part of all regular kung-fu and Tai Chi classes, the Tuesday night Self-Defense class specifically works on the self-defense and combat aspects inherent in kung-fu and the Internal styles.

This class practices techniques involving Chin-Na (capture/seize, hold, locking, control and pressure point techniques), effective counterattacks, quick takedowns, and ground fighting. Students begin by safely participating one-, two- and three-step sparring, before eventually moving on to free-sparring. Real world defense vs. weapons techniques are also covered in this class. Students also learn and develop threat assessment and situational awareness techniques, designed to size up immediate environments and opponent(s), as well as aid in avoiding potentially dangerous scenarios.


The Self-Defense class incorporates a special system to help students cultivate a well-rounded set of combat skills. The Association refers to them as the 5 Fundamental Concepts Of Effective Self-Defense, also known as C.L.A.S.S:

C- Counterattack
L - Leverage
A - Angles
S - Situational Awareness & Threat Assessment
S - Sensitivity


These Five Concepts rarely, if ever, work alone. They all work together - always in tandem.


This 1-hour class must be taken in conjunction with a weekly minimum of either one kung-fu or Tai Chi class. In other words, students may join this class if they're already actively participating in a regular kung-fu or Tai Chi class.

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