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Discover the Internal art of Tai Chi Chuan ("Grand Ultimate Fist").


More than an ancient therapeutic exercise, Tai Chi increases your overall vitality - while enhancing your circulation, flexibility, balance, mind-body awareness and stress management abilities. It also provides a very practical and effective method of self-defense.


The Association currently teaches the Wong, Chen and Wu styles of Tai Chi Chuan. Students begin learning the Wong style, before moving on to learn the Chen and Wu styles. Chi Kung practice is also part of the regular Tai Chi program.


Wong style: The Wong style is a somewhat obscure - yet traditional - style of Tai Chi that traces its origins back to four eminent masters of Chinese martial arts, beginning with its founder, Pa-Kua and Tai Chi grandmaster Wong Tak Hing. Occasionally colloquially referred to as the "Grinding Form", or "Moon-Grinding Form", this style was passed down to the Northern Shaolin, Shaolin Lohan and Tai Chi grandmaster Ma Ching Fung, who was later influenced by the teachings of legendary Tai Chi grandmaster and swordsman General Li Jin Ling and famed Northern-style kung-fu and Tai Chi grandmaster Ku Yu Cheung.


The Wong style is characterized by its smooth, rounded and relaxed movements. It offers the same health and therapeutic benefits attributed to other styles of Tai Chi, while featuring a strong emphasis on combat applications.


Chen style: The more well-known Chen Tai Chi Chuan is regarded to be the original Tai Chi style. It is generally known for its wide and often dramatic circular movements, as well as its deep stances.


Wu style: The Wu style is a popular offshoot of  the Yang style and is known for its distinctive gentle form and relatively smaller circular movements, when compared to the Wong or Chen styles.


The Association also teaches "Touch Cloud Palm" (or "Cloudy Palms"), a unique form of Tai Chi Chuan passed down from Tai Chi Praying Mantis kung-fu grandmaster Chiu Chuk-Kai.


Current Tai Chi Chuan Classes


Tai Chi 1
Suitable for beginners and intermediate students alike, this introductory class explores the history, philosophy and benefits of this art and how it can be applied in the modern world. Students are taught fundamental stances/postures and basic Chi Kung as they begin learning the Wong style of Tai Chi. No prior experience is necessary. This 1-hour class is open to adults of all ages (16 years-old and up) and all fitness levels.


Tai Chi 2

This class advances students beyond the fundamentals and delves deeper into form work and self-defense applications. This 1-hour class is open to adults of all ages (16 years-old and up) and all fitness levels.


Open Floor
For kung-fu and Tai Chi students of all levels to practice under instructor supervision. This 1, 2, or 3-hour period allows students to work on forms, train on your own, and receive one-to-one instruction.


Private Instruction - By Appointment
1-hour sessions with the Chief Instructor tailored to fit the student's goals. This is a good way to polish what's been studied in class, learn a new form in greater detail, work on techniques and application, or correct problem areas. Private instruction is also good for those who prefer a one-to-one basis for learning. Students are expected to stretch or warm up before the actual session, providing more time for individual instruction.

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