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Learn the timeless and traditional art of Chinese kung-fu.


Students are taught the classical form, exercises, and applications of the Northern Shaolin Monastery system, the Seven-Star Praying Mantis system, and Tai Chi Praying Mantis system. Students will also progress to learn the traditional weaponry of these kung-fu styles.


Elements of the 18 Law Horn style ("Shaolin Lohan") and My-Jong Lohan style are also taught, as well as Hsing-I Chuan and Pa-Kua Chang (two Internal styles of kung-fu). Specialized training in Iron Palm and Piercing Hand Techniques are offered at advanced levels.


Kung-fu aids in the empowerment of the total individual. Improve your strength, flexibility and agility - while developing your confidence, concentration and self-defense skills.


Current Kung-Fu Classes


Beginning Kung-Fu
This is an introductory class that teaches authentic and traditional Northern Shaolin kung-fu. Students learn the fundamentals of kung-fu, including basic stances, punches,
kicks, conditioning, classical form and self-defense. This class is open to all fitness levels and adults of all ages (16 years-old and up).

Kung-fu classes are 2 hours long. Each class includes 30 minutes of yogic stretching.


The special Drills & Conditioning classes are expanded to 2-1/2 hours long, and include greater emphasis on developing endurance, strength, flexibility and punching/kicking training.


Open Floor
For kung-fu and Tai Chi students of all levels to practice under instructor supervision. This 1, 2, or 3-hour period allows students to work on forms, train on their own, and receive one-to-one instruction.


Private Instruction - By Appointment
1-hour sessions with the Chief Instructor tailored to fit the student's goals. This is a good way to polish what's been studied in class, learn a new form in greater detail, work on techniques and application, or correct problem areas. Private instruction is also good for those who prefer a one-to-one basis for learning. Students are expected to stretch or warm up before the actual session, providing more time for individual instruction.

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